I graduated with an English degree last year. No certificates, no minors, and no secondary majors. Just that. (I know, I know. Bad decision). Right now I'm working as a substitute teacher for $90 a day (limited to four days a week). Not even enough to cover the $1500 in student loans I have a month. Plus I've realized I'm not the teacher-type.

Basically, my only actual skill is writing and learning languages (I pick them up pretty easily, but I've never actually finished learning one. Trying to pick up Spanish now so I seem somewhat viable in the work force).

I recently applied to a technical writing job because it (at least claimed) didn't require previous knowledge of the actual content. The listing emphasized a desire for someone with an English degree and writing skills. I got a phone interview, but not the job. I've been applying to more technical writing jobs, but I'm almost certain I'm going to run into the problem of having no experience with that sort of thing.

I've been looking at copywriting jobs, internships for writing-related jobs (which mostly require me to be in school still) basically anything where I feel like writing can be seen as useful. I'm not sure where to go from here. Some things like starting a blog seem like they could go somewhere, but I still have expenses to pay while that happens.

Are there any writing/English related jobs that I'm not thinking of? I'm interested in tech and startups but I'm not sure what companies will hire an English major with limited technical and engineering skills. 

Anyone got any out-of-the-box ideas or stories of getting a job through by going through a less direct or traditional route? I just don't know what to do and I'm wondering if I have to change how I apply/look for jobs.