5 Tips to Boost Your Résumé in College

Looking for résumé help? This may help you!

- Join a club
- Yes, okay, I’m sure this has been said over and over again to you: Join. A. Club. Clubs are an easy way to get leadership experience, and they almost always will offer opportunities to you.
- Pretty much all clubs, even the ones with many members, need someone to step up and take responsibility. Most clubs have high membership right off the bat, leading each semester with a lot of members, and then struggling for involvement toward the end. Stick it out. After a semester or two, inquire about a leadership position, and then make sure you work hard at it. It’s just as valuable as a job, and often gives you more relevant experience.
- Get a job (Yes, even a student-worker position)
- Even though you may start as just a desk assistant, tutor, or dishwasher, you can easily move up the food chain with these sort of things. You can start low as a student worker, and easily get higher into more corporate positions (Résumé boost!!)
- Volunteer
- If you volunteer, you likely won’t be turned away. Also, you’ll be doing something that allows potential employers to see your philanthropic and caring side. Volunteering is not only easy, it impacts so many aspects of your life and the life of others.
- Showcase projects you’ve accomplished or are proud of
- Especially if you don’t have a whole lot of work experience, use projects that you’ve done (professionally, personally, or in your education). These projects show how hard you work, and give the employer of your passions and quality of work. These can be especially helpful in interviews, or maybe, a cool project may just stick in their mind and make you more recognizable.
- Tailor your résumé to the job
- Every single person to give you tips on a résumé has probably told you this. Look at buzz-words in the job description, and fit those into your résumé so that a computer won’t automatically take you out of the running for a job you’re totally qualified for.
- Make sure you put your most relevant experience on your résumé! If you worked in PR 3 years ago, and you’re applying for a PR job now, put the relevant experience on your résumé! Regardless of what you’ve been doing between now and then (Don’t forget the rest of your résumé, just find a place to fit it in!)