Hello huttlers,

A question about questions. How do I know a career change is right for me? Or better yet, if I do know a career change is right, what do I ask myself to find out if that is the right career for me?

I was 99% sure that I wanted to pursue Digital Marketing and I'm still more or less committed in still chasing that goal.

But recently, I found myself thinking of my other strengths and skills and interests. What questions do you think I should ask myself about choosing which path to take?

In asking myself about my interests, I narrowed it down to staying in Research (with a different company, different type of research analytics), pursuing a Digital Marketing career, and pursuing a career where more than 70% of responsibility is writing (not journalism or becoming an author).

I've all but eliminated staying in research by asking myself the question: what aspect of the job is a core essential/will never change regardless of organization?

What are some other questions that I should ask myself?

Sorry for the long write up. It is just a major dilemma that I would really really appreciate more feedback on.

Thank you so much all!