A woman who has reviewed over 40,000 résumés says these are the 5 most annoying mistakes she sees

Article: http://www.businessinsider.com/resume-expert-shares-most-annoying-mistakes-job-seekers-make-2016-9/#sloppiness-1

Key takeaways:

* Sloppiness - "The biggest mistake job seekers make: They are sloppy. They pay poor attention to detail. They are lazy!"

* Summaries that are too long - Summaries are annoying when they are written in a formal tone and include too many adjectives,

* Starting a bullet point with 'Responsible for' - This is another "lazy thing" that she has seen too many times on résumés.

* Too many buzzwords - Résumé jargon such as "out-of-the-box," "team player," and "exceptional communicator" are "baseline expectations in today's market," Nicolai says.

* Being too formal - Finally, she says that she finds overly formal résumés annoying because they're not engaging and don't allow the reader to get a good sense of the applicant's personality.