About to do my first 1 year review. What should I expect?

I’m in my first corporate job and recently hit my 1st year anniversary. I’ve asked my supervisor if we could review my 1 year performance. She told me submitted her evaluation form to HR and said it was glowingly positive.
So she scheduled a meeting to review it with me. Is this an appropriate time to ask for a raise and how I can move up to being promoted to manager?I know I have exceeded the job description and expanded my responsibilities over the past year. How can I present a case for a raise and promotion in the near future? Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

If you have a glowing review, that's a good place to start. When you go in there I would recommend having a few examples of projects you did and how that's shown a lot of growth. From there, try and get a feel for your manager. If she agrees with your contributions then start easing into the conversation about a raise

To add, try to pick a raise percentage that is within reason. To do that, look at sites like Glassdoor and see what other people are making in your city and in your field.

Another thing to also remember is that inflation is usually between 2-3% so asking for something in that range is pretty reasonable and the upper bound before bosses start to get nervous is >10% in my experience. It's not impossible to get more than 10% but you have to have to make a strong argument.

Yes, performance reviews is one of the most ideal times to ask for a raise and you might have to wait a while to ask again if you don't ask now.