Hello! I’m a senior graduating in May in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I found that I really enjoy Software Engineering, but because I’m about to graduate soon it’s going to be impossible to get in that field at the moment. I’m applying to several Software Engineering Graduate program, and awaiting to hear from them. In the meantime, I am also focusing on getting a full-time job after graduation. I had one internship in Supply Chain with an industrial equipment company, and my current internship is an automated material handling logistics company, that is truly great with i terms of how they treat they employees, company morale, and benefits. I want to stay and work with this company full-time upon graduation, but I want to not work in the department that I am currently because I don’t enjoy the aspects of the job, but would rather return to supply chain. I feel it is rude to discuss this with my mentor, my boss, and my HR manager as I’ve been with the company since the beginning of the year. I also feel that it would make things awkward, and rude of me to do so. I already have an offer from the company I did my first internship with, and currently have an interview lined up with a different company but also supply chain. I’m just stuck on what should I do, because it’s been stressing me out.

Thank you in advance