So here is the situation, I am trying to get into project management, and I'm currently in between jobs right now. Most of my background has been with positions that had strong project management aspects to them but in a more informal environment. I would love to get into a job where I am in more formal project management environment for learning purposes.

I just interviewed with a company a few weeks ago. The position is administrative coordinator type role, so a lot of project management stuff (stuff I can count for trying to get my pmp as I'm like 500 hours short). Pay and benefits are good. I received word from an acquaintance that I will more than likely get a job offer on Monday.

I also just completed a 1rst round interview with a local software development company. They are looking for a project coordinator, and it's a much more formal project management environment. I did well on the first round interview, and a friend who works for the company says he thinks there is a good chance they will hire me...but I have to go through at least one more interview (which hasn't been scheduled yet I won't know until the end of the week).

So here's my dilemma/question; If I get the job offer from job a (the less formal project management type role) do I accept it or decline and hope for the best on job b? Or, do I accept job A and if job B extends an offer accept the job offer for job b and tell job a something else came up. Note that job a is not a very big company or directly in the field I want to be in so I'm not too worried about burning bridges or reputation If its the latter, how do you handle that?