Advice from my Dad

“Faith, Family, Friends”

Always remember that the most important things in life are your faith, your family, and your friends.  Now when I say faith, I don’t necessarily mean religious faith – just whatever belief system you subscribe to.  But faith, family, and friends – these are the values that make up who you are.  

You’ll notice that I didn’t mention anything about your job and there’s a reason for that.  I used to always say to my brand new consulting analysts that their consulting job was going to be very demanding.  It will demand a lot of their time, it will demand a lot of their energy, and it will demand a lot of their effort.  But always remember that this job is simply something that you do – this job (or any job for that matter) does not define who you are.  

Because let’s face it – when it is all said and done, no one ever looks back on their life and says “Wow I really wish I had spent more time at work”.  Trust me, no one ever says that.

Some, hopefully constructive, criticism  and concerns:

Yes, getting out of one's comfort zone is essential to life. 

Being required to pump gas at 8, though, is a clear public safety concern (illegal in my state) along the lines of careless disregard for other people. 

Withholding necessary basic supports like food, even just threatening such, even as a "learning tool" is just straight up abuse. 

There's a difference between reasonable discomfort and treating others poorly for what sounds like exclusively (rationalized) personal gain. 

Also so going to say that employers expecting greater flexibility/adaptability re:more senior responsibilities need to put some work into best practices for that regarding expectations and direct compensation, I would think.