“Short words are best and the old words when short are best of all” - Winston Churchill

In the spirit of that quote from a great 20th century statesmen, I’m going to keep this introduction post short and to the point as well.

A little background on me:

Married with 2 kids
Dual BS from Southern Methodist University (Math / Management Science)
MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Analytic Finance / Economics / Operations Management)
Recently retired from a 20+ year consulting career with Bain & Co, Deloitte Consulting, and Accenture
Currently CFO of SHSB Financial Group LLC and now Chief Content Officer for Huttle

One of the things that was very important to me in my consulting career was mentoring young consulting analysts as they launched their careers - which makes this new opportunity with Huttle a natural fit for me.

The one thing that I always told new consulting analysts was this: Up until this point, everything in your life has been scripted for you.  You go to school until you graduate from high school and then you head off to university and study for a degree.  And then four or five or (depending on how much fun you were having) even six years later, you earned your degree and found that great consulting job.

Congratulations!  But guess what?  There is no more script anymore - you’re left to your own devices to figure out what your path is going to be.  And it’s really easy to get lost out in the wilderness as you’re trying to find your way.

I remembered back when I was a brand-new consulting analyst and being unsure about how best to mold my career.  So I reached out to my senior consultants and managers and partners asking for advice and guidance.  And the advice I got was usually some derivation of the following:

“It’s not that hard Ed.  You’re a smart guy - FIGURE IT OUT”

I remember being a second year consultant at 23 years old and frustrated as hell that the only career advice I was getting was “figure it out”.  That wasn’t advice - that was just a cop-out.  I remember being 23 years old and promising myself that if I was ever in the position to do so, I was going to make damn sure that the next generation of consulting analysts got better advice than simply “figure it out”.

So that’s what we’re going to do here in my corner of the Huttle world.  A lot of these missives are going to be the stories and teachings I gave to my new consulting analysts at Deloitte.  While there will be a strong emphasis on consulting careers, a lot of my advice and guidance is quite applicable to other career paths.  

I will be publishing a Thursday weekly column with rotating topics grouped as follows:

Things My Manager Said to Me When I Was an Analyst - while I didn’t always get the best career advice as a new analyst, I did pick up on a few things along the way that were insightful in their own way
The View from the Other Side of the Table - at Deloitte, I was directly responsible for hiring over 100 consulting analysts (and interviewing at least 10 times that number).  I’ll share my insights / stories / cautionary tales
Advice from my Dad - my Dad was always proud of the fact that he graduated magna cum laude from The School of Hard Knocks.  Between that and his 30+ year military career, he shared a lot of home-spun wisdom that I often find myself reflecting upon
By Popular Demand - feel free to contact me if there is a topic / question you’d like me to weigh in on

My goal is to make this series both enlightening and entertaining - and with advice you won’t find anywhere else.  Because let’s face it - none of us want to see another rehashed list of the “Top 5 words to include on your resume” or the “The 3 things all successful people do before 10AM”

So that’s the plan - I look forward to taking this journey with you all together.  Until next week...