## Have you ever come home from work with that what-the-heck-should-I-do feeling? Maybe you’re stressed because you’re in one of the following situations:

1. Tomorrow you’re planning to give your resignation notice, and you’re not sure how to best handle the situation and you’re suffering silently with the anxiety of it all.
2. You just started your internship, but now you need to quit in order to accept a full-time position, and you’re struggling with how to give notice so early on the job.
3. You’re having a rough go of it with your first full-time job, your boss put you on a 90-day plan and you’re struggling with how to carry on.
4. You’re a first-time manager and a direct report keeps dropping the ball and you’re trying to figure out how to manage and improve the situation.

These are just a few examples of tricky career events that make us extra stressed out because we don’t always feel comfortable talking about them with the professionals we know. But the tricky stuff doesn’t have to be taboo: there’s someone out there who has gone through the exact same thing with their company, boss or employee.

In ode to any and all of the tricky situations that you might encounter in the career world, today we introduced “Stealth Mode” so you can share your story privately, and get guidance from professionals on Huttle.

To post in private, create a “New Post” and check the “Post in Stealth Mode” box.

When you submit your post, your identity will be concealed and your followers will not get a notification about the post. If you tag a topic, the people who follow that topic will get a notification of a new post, but your identity will remain concealed.

Your “Stealth Mode” posts do not appear on your public profile. If you click "Show Anonymous Posts", you'll see all your anonymous posts. Switch it back, and it'll show all the posts you made with your name on it. Note: Only you can see this on your profile page. You will not be able to see this on other people's profile page.

You can still reply to comments on your Stealth post, but your username will be included in your comment.

We hope Stealth Mode can be a new outlet for you to share openly about your career challenges and get support from people who can identify with your situation.

Happy Huttling,

Chris & Michelle