Any thoughts or recommendations on Grad School?

Hey mgrillo!

Grad school really depends on your current career profile and what your career goals.

A few scenarios:

- If you're just out of college, unsure about where to start, and thinking about jumping straight into an MBA as a fall back, I would advise against grad school. In this situation, you're using grad school as a fall back likely because school has been the only thing you've known so it's comfortable to go back to school. However, without a significant amount of career experience, you will have a hard time getting into a top tier program, and your safety school may not provide you with the education and network you need to find the career you were hoping for before you started your MBA. In the end, there's a high chance you find yourself with a mountain of student loans, and only _slightly_ better career opportunities.

- However, if you have 4 years of work in something like user experience or merchandising, but you want to make the switch to consulting, then an MBA makes a ton of sense. In this situation, you are looking to make a career pivot, and grad school is the means to do that. Plus, with your experience, you'll be able to write compelling essays, increasing your chance of entering a top school that will provide you with the tools you need to transition to whatever role and/or company you're looking to join.

- Stepping away from MBAs, if you're a liberal arts major but not sure what to do when you graduate, then grad school may look really appealing. But, I'll give you the advice my Asian American Studies professor gave me when I was thinking about getting my Masters, "Grad school should not be a back up plan." And by that, he was saying you should only do grad school if that is your calling. He knew that my heart wasn't in it, and that I was thinking about grad school to give me SOME purpose even if it wasn't something I was truly passionate about. I thank him everyday for walking me back from that path because if he didn't give me that advice I don't think Huttle would be around today.

Hopefully those three situations give you a broad place to start, but if you're comfortable sharing a bit more about yourself, we can dive even deeper :)