Hey everyone,

The founders of Huttle will be taking your questions live at the first-ever Huttle AMA ("Ask Me Anything") event on Monday, October 24 at 5:30-6:30 PT. Get ready for an unfiltered Q&A on Huttle around what it's like building an internet startup, landing a first job after college, career blunders and pitfalls to avoid, and any of your career curiosities.

If you're not familiar with how AMAs work, here's the rundown:

1. You can ask us anything! Just make a comment in this thread, and we'll look the question over. Also, there is no limit on questions so ask as many as you want.

2. On October 24th at 5pm PT, Michelle and I will jump into this thread and answer as many question as we have time for. We'll start with the most upvoted questions first so if there's something someone else asks that you really want us to answer make sure to upvote.

3. Feel free to reply back to our comments so we can keep the conversation going. The idea is that we do a rapid fire Q&A in this one post to give you career and life advice.

4. Stay tuned for more AMAs with other Silicon Valley execs!

**So what are you waiting for? Make a question and we'll try and answer it on Monday!**