Barbara Corcoran shares her best career advice for 20-somethings
Barbara Corcoran shares her best career advice for 20-somethings - BI (

Barbara Corcoran was only 24 years old when she left her waitress job in Fort Lee, New Jersey, to sell real estate across the river in Manhattan. She had no background in real estate, but her hotshot new boyfriend told her she'd be a natural marketer and had to give it a shot.

This key point is pretty great:

**"I think the important thing is to ask yourself, 'What's going to make me happy?'" she said. It's difficult to find that answer when you're young and so you have to approach it "the same way we find out what clothing looks good on us: Try a lot on."**

One of the luxuries we have today is that we have so much technology that allows us to get much more career transparency, and technology allows us to move jobs more quickly. My mother has been at the same job for almost 25 years, but the idea of being at a job for that long is completely foreign to those of us just starting our careers now. Instead, we've seen the value in moving jobs every year or so. With this approach, you learn a lot from different companies and industries, contribute value to multiple companies, and grow your network each time you move.

So, try a lot of jobs on, and you'll be surprised to find out which one fits best.