Best entry marketing job for a non-engineer?

I'm currently studying advertising and marketing, but there's a lot of different types of jobs out there. Some I'm seeing are SEO, SEM, email, social, affiliate, and a bunch of other vague ones like Junior Marketing Associate. 

What's a good marketing job I that would be right for someone just starting out and who does not know any engineering (but knows a lot of Excel and social!)

Is there a particular area in your studies that you like? Another way to think about it is to find a product or a company you admire or would like to work at and see what marketing positions are available. Pretty much all the categories you mentioned are great for entry-level if the job description's qualifications say so. 

Sometimes you just have to get your feet wet to know what you want to specialize in so listing out your dream companies or preferred industries may be a way to start narrowing things down. This gives you an advantage in the interview process because you can talk about your personal passions and how they all connect to the company/product.

I'd agree with CPB on this. When you're starting out, finding companies and industries you like is probably a more advisable approach, and then taking any entry-level marketing position there will give you the opportunity to learn and increase your exposure.

Once you've worked a few more years, you'll find specific channels you're great at. 

If you like social media, then take a look at social media jobs. But when you apply, make sure to focus on more than the number of followers you have or that you use facebook and snapchat a lot. Lean on your excel skills to show that you can do more than just post and create content.