Breaking into Finance

I currently work as a Medical Claims Adjuster but have recently graduated with my MBA in Finance and leadership. I have worked in the insurance industry for the past 10 years and Im now looking to transition into my career field of study. What would be a good entry level position that I should seek to make this transition successful?

Hey man -

Out of curiosity, did you have any internships during your MBA program? Usually people turn those internships into full time offers, but maybe you were doing a part time program where you worked while in school. Any way, one track that worked for me was to go down an analyst track. 

Also, what are your long term career aspirations? 


Thank you for the advice. I completed my MBA online while working full-time. Unfortunately I was not able to intern as I was planning to transition with my current organization. Those opportunities have since dried up. 

My long-term career track is to transition into FP&A and ultimately Lead the organizations M&A division. 

That makes sense and good for you for pursuing an MBA while working full time. It's definitely not easy to juggle both.

RE: Goals - If I were in your shoes, I'd look at finance manager jobs that require an MBA. Those should be a good match. 

Thank you so much David! I will definitely look into those positions now. 

I'm not really in finance, but one piece of advice would be to not limit your job scope to entry-level jobs. With an MBA, most hiring managers filling entry-level jobs will actually reject you because you're over qualified. 

As you make your way higher up in your career, it might make more sense to look at your network and see if anyone can connect you with a finance manager, accounting manager, operations manager, director of finance, etc. type positions. Also don't forget to use your MBA university as a resource. Often they'll be able to make connections that can help you "skip the line" and get connected to the hiring manager before anyone else. 


You are definitely correct. I feel that is what I am experiencing now. I kind of feel shut out, even though Im looking to align and grow with one organization that will give me the opportunity. advice was going to be similar to James'. At this point, your MBA will ice you out from entry-level jobs, but that's not a bad thing because if you did do this you'd take a huge pay cut.

I saw your note about going down FP&A and M&A, I'd take a look at this search result I found on Indeed:,+NY&jt=fulltime 

Note: I don't think you're in NYC but there's a lot of good finance jobs there. If you're not in New York, change the city to wherever you are or want to be. 

Jason, Thanks a lot.  I reviewed your link and there were a lot of positions that I feel would be a great fit. Im in Houston currently but I will widen my search area a bit. Great resource and motivation, I wont forget it.