Determining a career path and getting that first job during or after college can be a pretty lonely experience. Life after college is a seismic-shift, and everyone’s path is at least a little windy. Just knowing where and how to get started with your career is a challenge in itself.

Some new grads will move to new cities to pursue jobs in competitive fields. Some will take unfulfilling jobs in the short-term to pay the bills. Some will grapple with what to do with an art history or psychology major. Some will move back in with mom and dad for a bit or take gap-year and explore the world while trying to figure out what to do next. Whatever someone decides to do after college, it’s a special mix of exhilaration, newness, fear, fun, uncertainty and sometimes loneliness.

But starting out professionally doesn’t have to be lonely. The antidote to career loneliness is other professionals who have been in your shoes. Think about it: there’s another professional out there somewhere who has done the thing that you want to do in your career. There is someone who has been faced with the same challenge and understands what you’re going through. They can help you with your situation, and in doing so, make your career journey a little less lonely. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could meet and talk to that person?

That’s why we’re building Huttle.

Huttle is a free career mentorship community where people can support each other along their career journeys. On Huttle, you can seek guidance from other Huttlers on all kinds of career topics like choosing a career path, landing a first job, negotiating salary, making a tough career decision, and everything in between. You can also head over to Huttle Jobs to find a daily list of new entry-level jobs and internships so you can spend less time searching for any job and more time applying and interviewing for your dream job.

For those of you who are already successful and happy with your careers, Huttle is a place for you to give back and help the next generation of bankers, marketers, writers, and rockstars. If you're hiring, you can post your jobs to our community of young professionals over on Huttle for Employers.

How you can help us on our mission of making the career journey less lonely

If you believe that we should be able to ask for help when it comes to our career challenges, then join our community, start sharing your writing, or give some advice to someone in need. And, if you find any bugs, have feedback, or just want to chat with us, send us an email at!

Happy Huttling!