To try to sum up my predicament as succinctly as I can-- I am attempting to transition into Digital Marketing from Research Analytics and have found an opening with a company that I would love to work for/grow with. We'll call it 'Company A'.

'Company A' has an opening for a Contract position, but it is an unrelated role of what I hope to transition into-- Traffic/Campaign Implementation Associate.

The opening seems to be for early entry level associates (desc. mentions recent grads, while I am close to becoming a Senior level Analyst in my current role).

Don't want to look too far ahead with a hypothetical situation, but if I were to apply to unrelated role with 'Company A', and succeed in attaining the position, would it be a lateral move or even a step back (not that a step back is necessarily bad, if it leads to huge steps forward later on).

The main risk is that it is a contract role. It is also unrelated to Digital Marketing. If I were to hope to get exposure with the company during my tenure, perform at an outstanding level, and possibly make connections with associates within Performance Marketing, there would still be no guarantee that an offer is extended after the contract is completed.

Then again, without any true, relevant experience, it is difficult to get noticed, let alone snag a job at 'Company A'. The company is one of the most popular organizations in tech, currently.

So, the logic is if I could land an unrelated role, any exposure is good exposure, right?

The predicament lies in playing it safe and finding a role within Digital Marketing at another company instead. A company that I feel I have a good shot at attaining a position at, let's call it 'Company Z'. And with that role I can learn, get much experience, and become more marketable in the given field later on.

Thoughts please?