College grad not 100% on career choice

I recently graduated with a communications degree and I am in a little bit of a rut. I don't have internship experience in PR but it is one of my passions. I have found it very competitive applying for PR firms always finishing in the top 5 of interviews. I also have a passion in public speaking, I really enjoy doing that but not sure if there is a specific career in that. As a college grad I'm not sure where to start or look given my lack of internship experience I have found that to be a hinderance to my job seeking. Any advice you would give assuming you may have been in my shoes at one point? thank you!

hey there! Where have you been looking for PR internship opportunities so far? I might have some ideas. Definitely think you'll need to get a paid internship under your belt before nabbing a full-time role at an agency or company. Public speaking is a fabulous skill to have and it will help you shine throughout your career (it also probably means you're an awesome interviewer!), but there isn't really a full-time public speaking role you can reasonably go after at this stage in your career. Let's keep talking!