Contacting a specific employer

What would be the best for me to come in direct contact with a specific employer that I want to work for? (Oracle, Nike, sale force etc.)

I agree with Chris's input. Those are useful methods of getting in touch. I should add that LinkedIn is a great platform for incidentally making work connections and expanding your network. I've made contacts at other companies simply by realizing I had a friend or work acquaintance that knew someone at a company I wanted to reach out to. All it took was patience browsing LinkedIn profiles.

I'd also highly recommend checking out these companies on social media. A lot of recruiters will post job openings there. Beyond this, social is usually the forefront of the company's culture, so you'll get a good sense of whether they are truly a fit for you.

+1 on social media. A lot of employers are now investing in talent profiles on FB, Instagram, etc. Find those!

Joey -

You have a few ways to go about this:

- Meetups: A lot of those big companies are looking to recruit and they attend meetups to find talent. Find events around your city or in SF and head to each one. It's kind of a crap shoot, but if you can make a connection in person, it'll really help.

- Linkedin: In my experience, most recruiters will accept your invitation especially if they're from your school or similar major. Find people at your companies with a similar story to yours, make the connection, and then try and setup an informational interview.

- Friends of friends: Best lead for any recruiter or hiring manager is to know that someone they like has a recommendation for a job. If you have a friend who can introduce you to someone, go for it. It might be awkward (I know it was really weird for me when I was starting out), but getting a job is so dependent on the people you know that you have to ask for help if someone can give it.

Let me know if you need anything from me!