contacting recruiters

I have a comms degree and a background in PR, broadcasting and public speaking. There is a company I am really interested in and I am trying to figure out what is the best way to get to know a recruiter or an employee I can get to know pesonally so I'm not just "another applicant" hoping I get a response. Thanks!

There was a great post by Aaron Ross recently that mentioned being human in our outreach. It was more geared towards a sales/marketing process, but this is not that different. If you want to reach out to someone and build a relationship in the organization, than take a real approach at it. There is so much info on people out there, LinkedIn shows people's interests, school, affiliations, etc. If you see something there that is worth leveraging, then send a thoughtful, human email or LI message that starts a conversation. It really goes a long way, and separates you from the pack. Especially if it is just one company that you are really interested in. Taking the time is totally worth it!

Hey Raymond! Knowing someone inside, or having your resume handed to the hiring manager is great -- but I think you can get their attention without having any direct connections.

First, I would make sure that your resume and cover letter are super tight, and really able to stand out from the rest of the 'stack'. I know it sounds silly, but I rotated my name and contact info 180 degrees, bolded it, and stuck it on the left side of my resume for fun -- you'd be shocked to know how many times I've gotten an interview just based on my 'unique resume'. (It goes without saying that it's absolutely vital for you to personalize everything you are sending them, too) Aside from that, think outside the box. A woman I used to work with got hired because she mailed the hiring manager a cake and a recipe for 'hiring the perfect (insert role here)', another one got hired because she re-wrote the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song (to talk about the company and her skills) and recorded herself rapping it. Think of ways to grab their attention highlights both your skills and what the company does in a smart way. Best of luck!!

+1! Getting creative with your resume is definitely a way to stand out.