desperate for a job, despite low wages

Hi Huttle community,

I apologize in advance for the very long and jumbled message here. I've had a lot of trouble getting jobs in the US.  I went to UChicago and have had a diverse range of admin/dev/comms internships and jobs, but I graduated a year ago and have found that I only get interviews/offers to positions where the competition is low, and the pay is even lower.  For example, I just came back from an NGO in Cambodia where I was paid $200/mo. Even though I love this type of work environment, with vibrant culture, a tightly-knit work community, daily interaction with different people, from high-profile donors to rice farmers, and lots of room to problem-solve and innovate, I feel like applying to these positions now might be a subconscious avoidance tactic on my side (of corporate culture, perhaps, or intense interviews, or rejection). 

I didn't network as well as I could have in SE Asia, so instead of teaching there, I returned to the US in June hoping to find a job in the international/non profit field. Since I've arrived in the US, I've stalked idealist daily and applied to about 25 jobs, ranging from entry-level analyst to dev coordinator mostly based in the US, to which I have only had 1 response/casual interview/job offer: in a beautiful city in Mexico, as a volunteer coordinator for an NGO that will pay about $400/mo.   

Finances are a big worry, as my family is very much low-income.  A year out of college, unemployed, I feel a sort of responsibility to supplement their income while also building up savings. Everyone always says "Follow your passion," but what if that just isn't sustainable? I guess my question is, should I keep taking these sorts of on-the-field jobs to build "experience", or should I hold out for a better paying position in the US (or elsewhere)? 

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice!

Hey Idalia -

First and foremost, thanks for joining Huttle and asking your question. I know how difficult it is to put yourself out there and ask for advice so it's awesome that you've made it here.

Second, attending UChicago means you're obviously intelligent, and I imagine you have some great work experience working for your NGO, but my guess is that your cover letter and resume are failing to make a strong first impressions which is why you're not hearing back from jobs you're applying for.

I've gone ahead and created you your unique link to get my "How I got a Six-Figure Salary in 4 Years: Part 1" course for free. This is yours:

And if it doesn't work, email and I will make you a new one and email it to you.

Try and watch the entire course, and spend a lot of time watching the Indeed, Resume, and Cover Letter sections. I hope those tips help you.

Lastly, on "follow your passion", I agree that sometimes this isn't sustainable. Often we must pay our rent and bills first before we can find our passion. But, you can focus the strengths you do have and find opportunities that excite you and follow those to financially lucrative paths. I always wanted to be a writer because I enjoy writing and speaking, but writing books don't pay. But I found marketing as job where I could sometime write and getting that first job made all the difference.