Easy way to create multiple gmail addresses to A/B test a job application

One of the best things I learned when applying for jobs that I use everyday in my job as a digital marketer is A/B testing. For marketing, that means altering one variable of a campaign like the subject line of an email or coupon code offer and measuring which version performed best.

But, when I was first looking for a job, I wasn't hearing back with my standard resume, and I realized that I could actually A/B test multiple resumes using a simple email trick that Gmail enables out of the box:

### The Multiple Emails @ Gmail Trick

Let's say your email address is elonmusk@gmail.com. Out of the box, gmail also forwards you emails for any of the following:

* elon.musk@gmail.com
* e.lonmusk@gmail.com
* elonmus.k@gmail.com

And you can move that period anywhere before the @ symbol, and it will work. Even better, gmail also gives you access to the following emails:

* elonmusk+test1@gmail.com
* elonmusk+condenastresume@gmail.com
* elonmusk+disneyresume@gmail.com
* elonmusk+whateverYouWant@gmail.com

As long as you add a plus after your email, you can add in whatever text you want and it will work.

### How to Use this for Job Hunting?

Now you know how to make multiple emails that tie back to your primary email address, but the big question is how do you use this for job hunting. With multiple emails, you can sign up for multiple accounts on job websites like disneycareers.com, monster.com, indeed.com, etc.

With each new account, you can upload a slightly different resume for each account and see which application gets the most follow ups. From there, you now know which resume and cover letter combination generates the most interest, and that is your new go-to job application template.

### Want to try it out?

You can actually try this out on Huttle! Just sign out of your current account, click "Register" and create a new account by either adding a "." in your email address or adding a "+" and some text after your email address. If you do it right, you'll have a new account, and all your Huttle-related emails will forward to your regular email address.

Go on and give it a try and best of luck with your A/B tests!