Hello huttle, happy Monday!

Question for the Digital Marketing experts (cc: Chris).

I was told that within Digital Marketing (for acquisition) it would be best to focus on one channel/couple channels when starting out.

I'm also finding that there are more entry level opportunities for roles focused on a specific channel (email marketing, SEM, social, etc.)

So my question is how should I go about deciding which channel to pursue in this early part of my career in digital marketing?

Should I really hone in on one channel in my job search or should I apply to multiple channels and see what sticks?

If I were to focus on one specific channel I would be able to really research the specifics and get familiar with what the role would entail. If I take more of a shotgun approach, I may land a channel where it might not be the best fit for me.
Is there a way to discover which path I should follow in the early stages of this job search?

Any thoughts?