Entry level digital marketing: how do you choose a channel?

Hello huttle, happy Monday!

Question for the Digital Marketing experts (cc: Chris).

I was told that within Digital Marketing (for acquisition) it would be best to focus on one channel/couple channels when starting out.

I'm also finding that there are more entry level opportunities for roles focused on a specific channel (email marketing, SEM, social, etc.)

So my question is how should I go about deciding which channel to pursue in this early part of my career in digital marketing?

Should I really hone in on one channel in my job search or should I apply to multiple channels and see what sticks?

If I were to focus on one specific channel I would be able to really research the specifics and get familiar with what the role would entail. If I take more of a shotgun approach, I may land a channel where it might not be the best fit for me.
Is there a way to discover which path I should follow in the early stages of this job search?

Any thoughts?

**Should I really hone in on one channel in my job search or should I apply to multiple channels and see what sticks?**

Right now, your first priority is to successfully pivot from your current role to digital marketing, and with that in mind, I would advise more of a "tactical shotgun" approach. By that I mean, you should be applying to any interesting, entry-level Digital Marketing role you can find, adjust your cover letter and resume based off of the role you're applying for, and get to the interview round. From there, you want to find the right company with the right growth opportunity and land the job to complete your transition. Once you find the right place and start working, I imagine the path will be something like:

1) excel at the channel you were hired for

2) once you prove yourself, you'll be given more channels and you'll learn even more

3 a) You either love your original channel and become the expert in it

3 b) You find another channel that matches your passion and become an expert in it

3 c) You become a marketing generalist

But those paths only open up when you get out of your current job and get hired as a Digital Marketing Associate. So, for now, keep applying to roles that sound interesting, and be sure to adjust your resume based on the role you're applying for. If you need help with your resume, check out Michelle's post on how to create a "Hack My Resume" post, and we can help you out!

Point taken, thanks a lot Chris. I will continue to apply tactically to multiple openings that are of interest, as I have been doing so far.

And I may be using the Hack My Resume feature soon. Super helpful of you and Michelle! Thanks again!

Great job. In my experience, it really comes down to landing that first job that allows you to start learning. Once you're working in digital marketing full time, you'll be able to learn everything about the channel you were hired for, and then over time, you either move up in your channel, learn new channels, or do a bit of both.

Good luck!