There isn't a perfect recipe for the perfect resume. Every recruiter and hiring manager you come across is going to have a slightly different take on what they'd like to see. But if you want your resume to drive responses, it's super helpful to get feedback from other professionals. Even if you have limited work experience, there are ways to position your best skills and assets so your resume stands out of the crowd. (Another way to look at it, if your resume doesn't position your skills in a way that communicates why you're right for the job in under 60 seconds, you're probably not hearing back).

Try Hack My Resume on Huttle to crowdsource feedback on your resume from professionals, taking your resume to the next level! Here's what to do:

1) Put your resume in a Google Doc. Set the document settings to View Only. Remove personal identifies like you phone number, address and anything you don't want public on the internet!

2) Click Share a New Post on Huttle. Enter a question like "I'm interested in a [fill in blank] career. Help me with my resume?" Enter any additional details about what you'd like Huttle to focus on. Last, paste your resume URL in the URL field, select the Hack My Resume topic and click the Share to Huttle button.

3) That's it! Your resume is now in front of professionals, and you will receive feedback shortly!

(Keep in mind, Huttle users aren't going to write your resume for you! You have to bring a resume to the table!!!)

Is Hack My Resume helpful to you? Tell us why it is or isn't, and anything else, by commenting on this post!

Happy Huttling!