I was incredibly fortunate to have internship at Marvel comics the summer of my Junior year. As an English major, it drastically improved my job prospects after graduating. 

If you're an English, Lit, or Journalism major, I highly recommend you apply for this internship, and if you need help with the application, just make a new post!

Job Description
This internship is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the editorial process! This intern will work in two separate imprints – Greenwillow Books and HarperCollins Children's Books.  This summer internship is a paid opportunity (28 hours per week), and it will run from June 5 through August 10 for a total of 10 weeks.  

• Fielding departmental queries and requests via phone, email, and mail.   
• General office support (answer phones, filing, mail sorting, copying) for entire department.   
• Traffic materials to other departments (production, marketing, publicity, sales) as needed.   
• Handle fan mail for select authors as needed.   
• Read and write reader’s reports.   
• Assist in fact-checking and permissions clearing as needed.   
• Attend imprint meetings.   
• Log artwork and assist in art check.   
• Return artwork to artists when book is complete.   
• Make dummy books, presentation boards (physical and digital), and organize other presentation material as needed.