Help on Resume Development

Hi, I am looking for some advice on what to put on my resume. I have heard from different sources that certain things are okay to put on a resume and some things are not. Sometimes it's the same thing which makes things confusing. 

This a new design I haven't had anyone look at yet and I wanted to see if I could get some criticism on it and some opinions. I would love any type of advice anyone can offer. 

I was also curious about adding coursework that would be relevant to certain jobs like specific upper division classes like theories of persuasion, consumer behavior or crisis campaign management.

All advice is welcomed!

Thank you all for you advice! The picture was for just pure feedback because I knew some people that said it was okay so I included it to see what others had to say. 

I have taken all of your advice and made another version and I hope that ya'll help analyze it further with more advice!


Love a good resume workshop!

First things first, ditch the picture. Instead put a link to your LinkedIn profile, thats where people go to see a professional picture of you. The picture is great, and a perfect one for LI, but unless you are looking for acting work, it shouldn't be on your resume. It's wasted space and many hiring managers will look at it as a way to fill the page instead of focusing on your experience.

Second, I agree with the comment on formatting, you want this thing to tell your story. Since you are a recent grad, start with education. As you get more professional experience, education will get shifted to the bottom. Ideally you are keeping your bullet points to one line, and avoiding too many repeat terms or buzz words.

Lastly, try to include as many tangible successes, wins or achievements as your bullet points. Promotions, awards, additional responsibilities, trainings led, side projects. This are the things that separate you. If you are looking to get into sales, metrics are the key to any resume, but I'm not sure of your goal here.

Great start on the resume, and good on you to reach out for feedback. Hope this helps!


Thanks for sharing these insights Radley! 

Hey Chase - 

Awesome that you're giving us a first look and you're asking for help. First thing, a 3 column format isn't a great idea. The reason is because you want to give the reader a clear sense of where to start and where to read for the most important information. With a 3 column format, you're saying everything is equal weight and you want the reader to find what they deem most important. 

You never want your resume reader to have to do any work. Instead, make it as easy as possible for them to see why you're qualified for the job you're applying for. I suggest going to a 1 column format. Lead with your education, then internships, then coursework. Coursework definitely makes sense when they're hyper relevant for the job you're applying for.

Agreed on all fronts with Jason's assessment. Based on what you have, I can see a few templates that could work for PR, Events, Marketing, Customer Service, etc. You just have to help the reader see that you're qualified for those jobs. Remember, you have roughly 10 seconds to convince someone they should continue reading your resume. If they can't figure it out in 10 seconds, you're telling a bad story.