I graduated high school 2 years ago and I really want to go to college but I still have no idea what to do. I want to enjoy my career and (then) my work but NOTHING motivates me 100% The subjects that I enjoyed the most were philosophy and history, every type of history. Plus I love to read. So political science is a choice. But I just started with the idea that I can't. It's a career where you have to be alert at every opportunity and move, be better and do things better than anyone else. Be creative. I always lose hope before I set a goal when it comes to compete at such level even when I have time left. (Yeah I know every carreer needs competition and constant improvement of skills)

I've also thought about (A bit different from the previous) odontology. College will be frustrating and my brain will need to turn into a sponge. I'm used to work under pressure, I've been a waiter since I left HS and discovered that restaurants are NOT my thing. Manual skills and tools aren't a problem either

I can be totally wrong in my expectations but I am feeling hopeless, just want to find where to fit in. Any help is really appreciated!