How did you figure out what you want to do with you life?

I graduated high school 2 years ago and I really want to go to college but I still have no idea what to do. I want to enjoy my career and (then) my work but NOTHING motivates me 100% The subjects that I enjoyed the most were philosophy and history, every type of history. Plus I love to read. So political science is a choice. But I just started with the idea that I can't. It's a career where you have to be alert at every opportunity and move, be better and do things better than anyone else. Be creative. I always lose hope before I set a goal when it comes to compete at such level even when I have time left. (Yeah I know every carreer needs competition and constant improvement of skills)

I've also thought about (A bit different from the previous) odontology. College will be frustrating and my brain will need to turn into a sponge. I'm used to work under pressure, I've been a waiter since I left HS and discovered that restaurants are NOT my thing. Manual skills and tools aren't a problem either

I can be totally wrong in my expectations but I am feeling hopeless, just want to find where to fit in. Any help is really appreciated!

I figured out my career path--and my college majors--by figuring out where I feel like a true rockstar. What are the things I'm really good at, enjoyed doing, and others came to me for advice on. I was always a good writer, and enjoyed reading, even though I scoffed at being an English major, that's exactly what I decided to do. This paved the way for me to work in communications. You may feel that you are not in innately motivated by something, but if you narrow down where your talents lie, that could help you figure out your path.

thank you. this really helps :)

Pretend you have to play a game with the devil. Your life is on the line, all of your greatest hopes and dreams, but you get to choose what game you play. You need to stack every available advantage you have: it must be something you are good at (or can get good at), it's gotta be something that you enjoy enough to continue with even when the going gets tough, it needs to be something that other people will validate your efforts with (if that's important to you). And then you have to make a choice and pursue it with everything you can muster. You're free to change the game whenever you want if you find it's not going your way - that's fine, and a very good strategy when the situation arises. But the most important thing is just to make a choice - indecision is the devil's favorite game.

Whoa. I've never really thought about it this way before. Thanks for this!

First place to start is thinking about the things you do like, and it's totally okay if you start off as broad as "I like video games" or "I like to read." From there, ask yourself a few deeper questions:

1. What do you like about X?

2. Do other people also like to do X?

3. Are there established companies, emerging startups, or local clubs/meetups that have a bunch of people who also like X?

4. How could I join that company/startup/club?

I don't believe in blindly following your passion because sometimes that doesn't lead to anything valuable. But, if you do at least think about the things you like and then find jobs that are even tangentially related to that interest you'll be going down the right path.