How do I approach an upcoming interview? Should I emphasize what I’m good at vs. what I could potentially be good at

I have an upcoming interview for a communications-related position. In chatting with the hiring manager prior to setting up the interview, she asked why I was interested in this position over another position that they’re hiring for. The other position is more in-line with my past experience (project/event mgmt) but the comms position seems like one where I can grow. I’ve had a hodgepodge of comms experience in the non profit and for profit sectors and it’s an area I would like to learn more about and further develop my skill set. My question is: how do I go into the interview with all this in mind? Frankly I would be happy in either position given that I personally identify with the org’s mission and work — but don’t want to come off as wishy-washy. Thanks for any insight.

I think it's reasonable to fear that you're coming off to wishy-washy. To avoid that, I would try and listen to how the conversation is going. If the recruiter is asking you multiple questions about the other job, then ask her a question about how far they are in that process and start to extend more interest in the role.

But, if they're sticking to just talking about the job you're interviewing for then double down on your experience for the original role.

Be honest about why you applied. You can talk about your goals and why you're leaving for more experience but you also have to make sure they know you're qualified and that you have the experienced needed to get started.

All employers want is someone who can do the job and bring value to the team. They will always reject people under qualified or someone they need to spend months training. Mention that you’re open to either because of the mission/your passion for company.

I'm in the same situation. The advice I've been getting is to talk about why you're qualified for the role you're currently interviewing for, but if the interviewer starts leaning into the other role, you can spend some time talking about how your skills can be used for both jobs.