How do I connect with Recruiter on LinkedIn?

I was wondering if you can share sample message to connect/reconnect with recruiter or company HR in context to discuss my experience and possible job openings? Thank you in advance.

I would start with looking for what recruiting companies are in your area that recruit in industries that you want to work in. Then find them on LinkedIn and then reach out. Tell them you’re looking for a job in the field that they recruit in.

You reaching out to recruiters actually makes their lives easier so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Best path I’ve found is to try and have something in common with a recruiter. Alumni, Greek life, similar major, etc. something to make a connection and then talk about how you’d like to connect with them over that.

Good luck!

Recruiters get a lot of messages so try and tailor your message to them. Mention their name, company, job openings, why you’re interested in talking with them. Maybe even offer to take them out for a cup of coffee.

Basically, it’s like sending a really good Tinder message. Make it personalized and unique so you hear back.