How do I get a job in HR or people operations without working in recruiting?

So I'm really interested in people operations and human resources, but most of the entry level jobs I find are all around recruiting, which I really don't like.

Does anyone have a path for working in people operations/HR without becoming a recruiter?

Thanks in advance!

If that is not the route you want to go, then it might be better to start in an office admin or office operational role with a small company and let them know that is your long term goal. You can start to solidify yourself with a company and try and work towards regular 1v1 time with the HR person. I would also recommend joining HR groups and networking at HR focused meetups. Build yourself up within the community and you will give yourself a leg up on potential opportunities. I would look into things like SHRM and start getting active in the community.

Recruiting and HR are/should be very separate, and so if you don't like the recruiting side these might be some good places to start.