How do I quit my current job without burning bridges? Is it possible at all?

So I have an offer from another job, and I need to put in notice soon because I told the company I can start in three weeks.

How do I tell my manager/company that I'm leaving without burning any bridges?

If you have been a good employee and have a good relationship with the team this shouldn't be an issue. I would do it in person, and explain to them why you've decided to move on, be grateful for the opportunity that they afforded you and offer to work out your two weeks. A lot of companies/roles prefer you don't work out the 2 weeks, so don't take it as a burned bridge if they don't take you up on it. Be honest, genuine and grateful and most good companies and leaders will respect you for it.

Thanks, Radley! What if they counter? I'm pretty sure I want to take this new job so if they do counter how do I tell them "no" without looking like a jerk?

Yea, I was going to say be prepared for a counter, its always smart to be ready for that. I would always listen, but my experience and statistics show that taking a counter never works out. If you are just looking for a new job because of money, then a counter solves the only problem. That's usually not the case, and most people who accept leave within the next 6-18 months anyway, which for the company is fine because they have probably already engaged in a backup plan. Anyway, for you, I would listen to what they say, but if you are sure you want to move on, just tell them that you really appreciate the offer, but you have already committed to this other company and feel like it is the right time to move on. Honesty is always best in these situations, especially if you are trying to ensure you keep a good relationship! Best of luck, and congrats on the new role!

Got it. This is such a weird thing to do so I appreciate you walking me through it. Thanks!