I have a bachelor's in business degree with no experience. I had a really good job in college that was not related to my degree, I paid myself through college so quitting my job for a low paying internship was not an option. In hindsight I regret not taking a pay cut so that I could take an internship but can't do much about that now.

As you all may know, business in a very broad degree with many soft skills, not very technical. I have good grades and I have never been fired from a job. Having a very tough time even landing an interview. There's so many options that appear to need specific work experience that I just don't have. I come across nothing but entry level jobs that require 2-3 years of experience and internships that are friendly only to current students and recent graduates. Not very many companies out there willing to train.

How do I funnel all my skills into an actual career path? Where can I look for work so that I can transform my skills into an actual job?