Hello Huttlers,

I have been attempting to contact recruiters at targeted companies that I have applied to in hopes of following up on applications.

In one instance, I have asked a friend of mine to introduce me to one of the talent acquisition specialists on LinkedIn. While he was not very close with the recruiter (they are connections, not from the same company, they met once), the warm introduction was solid on his end.

I used the intro to kindly ask about opportunities with the organization (and follow up on a resume). I kept it short and polite, hit my main points, and ended with a call to action. Yet, I have not heard back.

In another instance, I tried to reach out to a recruiter who was the job poster for an opening I was interested in. I sent a short cover letter about the opportunity, but no response.

Outside of asking for informational interviews, what is an effective way of messaging/trying to connect with recruiters?

Also, in crafting messages on LinkedIn, I would assume subject lines are very important. What are some tips in crafting an interesting email title that would be opened/read?

It has been hit or miss for me with contacting talent acquisition specialists on LinkedIn. I would love to hear unwritten rules/proper etiquette in effectively reaching out on LinkedIn (not just recruiters).