How short is too short at a company?

I started a job a few months ago as a marketing associate, and I'm not in love with it. Manager isn't the best, and I don't think I mesh well with my coworkers. 

Would it look back if I started applying for a job after one year on the job? I'm scared that if I only work at a company for a year then people will think I'm jumping ship too fast or that I have commitment problems.

Hi there, 

I had a coworker who was a recent graduate and got a job offer after 8 months. She networked at trade shows and then was approached via linked in so I would simply network as best as you can so people still trust you. It is not impossible, simply have to strategically put yourself out there!! Good luck! 

Usually, anything less that 1 year could be a red flag.  It's depends on how many job you already have and how long they are.  It won't look good on your resume, if you are in your 1st or 2nd job and none of them are more than a year.  It won't be a problem, if you are an experienced with more than 3 jobs, with at least one 3 year or more.

I would suggest you to start looking while you are still working in this job.  If you can find the job you really like and put in a good 2-3 years in it.  When you start looking for another job, no one will care if you only worked for a few months in the job you have now.

Regardless of the years you have, it is better to look for a job while you have a job.  It give you more bargaining power.  You will have the time to pick and choose the job that you really like, without worry running out of $$ and ended up accepting job and offer that is not what you really wanted.

Good luck!  

I have been there and it is not a great feeling. Job hopping, while once frowned upon, is becoming so common that many employers don't mind. There's really no telling what a prospective employer will think of  job history. As long as you don't make a habit of it, a few times over a career won't be too bad, especially when you're younger. In fact, staying in one position for too long, especially at a lower level, can look bad.

Unless your current job is really harmful to your physical or mental health (e.g. abuse,  harassment, illegal behavior, etc.) you should not quit until you find a new job. All else being equal, you look far more attractive with a job than without. 

Could you stick it out for at least a year? Can you talk to your employer and add responsibilities and tasks that you would enjoy? You can keep an eye out for new jobs, but only apply to the ones that would be an improvement. You don't want to go from one bad job to another.  Also, use this as a learning experience. Really try to understand if the next job, boss, or company are right for you. Job interviewing goes both ways. 

Also, consider how you will describe why you are leaving to future employers. When  asked, you might say something like "I really like my job but when I saw this position, I knew I couldn't pass up applying. It is what I really want to be doing because..."  Tell them why you really want the position and how they would benefit from having you there.

Good luck!

My advice is to weigh all of the options. Here are a few things I would consider before jumping ship. My first piece of advice is to not leave a job without another job. 1 year at a company isn't terrible if you have good reasons to leave, a few months will look pretty bad if the reason is just "didn't mesh well with the company". While that is important, a company might look at it as a "you" problem and not a them problem. Things to consider:

Is Marketing Associate the right role?
How hard was it to get the role you currently have? If it was challenging (there aren't a ton of MA roles in my experience, and a lot of competition), are you willing/able to be out of work for a little while?
Is the work challenging, and exposing you to experience that will advance your career?
Is there another team, area, function that you do mesh well within the org, that you can work towards?

I would consider all of this and then make the best move you can! Let me know if I can help any more!

A small number of my friends ended up switching jobs after one year due to similar reasons. They told me that as long as you can properly explain why you're leaving without 1) bad mouthing your current employer and 2) bad mouthing yourself then you should be okay.