How should an on line cover letter/portfolio look like?

I would like to make an online portfolio/ cover letter to tell my story of who I am and my professional background. Can you give me some insight on what would be best in an online cover letter. Thank you!

My background is  in PR/ Communications/ Podcasting and I have delivered speeches that made it in the media.

Bit late to the punch here but I still wanted to respond. I'm on a similar page as Chris. A one pager is probably your strongest option. Just like your traditional resume, your website should be an additional source to distill information about who you are and what you do. Try not to make it an exact mirror of what your traditional resume is going to have, but make sure the information lines up. Nothing more blasé than a website that is just an exact re-envisioning of someones resume .pdf

Also please have some fun, Show your personality! Remember people hire people, not skills.

LMK if you need help with anything else, always willing to help!

If you don't have any engineering experience, I'd recommend looking at templates provided by Squarespace or Wix. They have a ton of one page web apps that work well for resumes. 

For your site, it's good to follow a similar structure to a traditional resume (work experience, education, skills, etc.). But, with a web resume, you get more space to dive deeper. I'd recommend including links or screenshots to projects you're really proud of or clips of your speeches.