How to answer 'What are you most proud of?' in a job interview
How to answer 'What are you most proud of?' in an interview - BI (

Someone once gave some good advice which was to always answers these types of questions with answers to three other questions:

1. What did you do?
2. How did you do it?
3. What were the results?

He said that by answering this way you show the entire process of your decision making and your impact. It's helped me a lot in interviews.

This is great, love this advice. I also received similar advice when answering situational questions ("Tell me about a time...").

The advice was to think of your answer like a 3 course meal and answer in the traditional Situation, Behavior, Outcome format.

You want the Situation to be the appetizer. It gives good information, but not too much and is interesting. It sets the table.

Behavior is the entree. This should be the most in depth portion of the answer. This is where you are selling that you have the right instincts, are coachable, or have good awareness.

Outcome is dessert. Should be short and sweet, but really put a cap on the story. What you learned, how it turned out, etc.