I am writing this post because till now I've applied to more than 250 companies and haven't received a single interview call. I am a graduate student studying MS in Business Analytics and I have over 4 years of IT infrastructure experience. I'm looking for internships in the field of analytics. I have never worked in analytics but I want to. I've added academic projects that I have done during my coursework​ in my resume. And they are not helping me get response from recruiters.

 I don't know what am I doing wrong in application process. I've even tried contacting recruiters directly on LinkedIn​ but I am not getting any response from them either.

I can look for full-time job in analytics but I want to learn about the field I'll be working in future by doing a short internship so I can get an idea about what kind of job I want for full-time and where my interests lie.
Any help from you guys will be appreciated. Thanks.