Hey all,

In short -- I am eager to enter the SaaS space as an Account Manager but over the past year or two, I have yet to target an appropriate point of entry.

Given my measured success as an Account Manager, I feel that I could readily adapt into a junior/mid-level AM role within a SaaS company; in my past Account Management role (2.5 years of my 4 year career), I successfully prospected and then managed 11 productive accounts, I consistently exceeded my quota and I generated significant total sales revenue.

The most frustrating part of my situation is knowing that I am entirely capable of performing in an Account Management role once I'm actually in the seat but I have yet to find the right company that is willing to give me that chance. I am efficient, a quick learner, motivated as hell and great at building professional relationships.

I have completed many applications that are relevant to my background to minimal avail - is this just a numbers game or am I going about this the wrong way? I have also exhausted my professional network and am starting to feel a bit uneasy.

I am currently:

Utilizing sales recruiters

Monitoring job listings for roles of interest (LinkedIn Jobs, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Angelist)

Applying to job opportunities en masse (30-50 applications/day with my default, non-customized resume)

Moving forward:

Would customized cover letters explaining my background and aspirations help my situation?

Maybe target smaller companies?

Look into other industries/verticals besides SaaS? (I have worked exclusively in tech so ideally, I can stay within this industry)

Should I consider other roles that also rely on account management experience, like Customer Success Management?

I greatly appreciate any help - thank you!