So to begin my short story, I have to give you some background on myself....

I graduated from an incredible school called Northeastern (not sure you have heard of it but its in Boston and its famous for having one of the best co-op programs in the country). Now as a Northeastern student, you are required to complete 2-3 co-op placements which are each 6 month full time internships in the working world. 

Now I am sure you are thinking this is incredible experience, wow I wish I went there or I need to send my kids here (which you should its awesome!). But when upon my last co-op at Staples during my senior I became interested in consulting. Additionally, as fate would have it I took a business strategy capstone class with one of the most well respected strategy professors in Boston. (She had a PHD in corporate strategy- she's a badass and I want to be her). 

So from both of those experiences, both in the professional and academic world I became obsessed with looking at companies from the wide perspective. Analyzing them into pieces and putting them back together, looking at the market and pinpointing a discrepancy or inefficiency in the market and exploiting that. However, post graduation there were no postings in our job portal that were consulting oriented. Furthermore, even fewer opportunities for people who did not have ivy league education to get into consulting. 

So I just kept going about my career path in supply chain- until an opportunity arose when I thought I could potentially make the switch to consulting or supply chain consulting. 

Yet I need some direction on how to get there... so I am here writing this post in hopes someone could shed some light on how others have done it.