Hello - 

I am an experienced professional within my industry. The companies that I have been fortunate enough to work for all look good on the resume.

But, I have only stayed at each company for a year and a half at most (1 year minimum). My resume shows signs as a 'job-hopper'.

I joined another well-known organization not too long ago. I am more than grateful to be here. I am learning a lot and doing meaningful work. But, I must admit, I discovered that my favorite company has a new job opening in my field of work, and it has me really intrigued.

To be fair... I have had this main goal to work at my favorite company for a while now. I know I’m only on the outside looking in, and the grass may be greener. But I am huge huge fan of the company/Product. 

They finally have a new opening for a role that is very similar to what I am doing now. 

With my time lasting less than a year at my current role, and my 'short' stints elsewhere, I fear it may raise some red flags.

I plan to apply for that new opening. If I am lucky enough to interview with that company, how can I respond to any questions about my average job tenure? I am passionate about that company, and I would emphasize that I would love to stay at this org to grow with for a very long time. But, my resume would negate all of that. 

I'm excited to apply! If I am lucky enough to go through the interview process with them, I just don't want the 'job-hopper' status to be the main deciding factor for hiring/not hiring. 

I can say it truly is privilege to continue with my current company. I just wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to work for my favorite company (and  hope for another opening a year+ from now). After following this company for the past 2-3 years, this is the first job opening that  they posted in which I align with the responsibilities, am qualified for, and am interested in.

I am 10000% positive that this role is where I want to be long term. My resume shows I don't know what long term means. Am I rushing? How bad will this actually look to the company i am applying to work for?

Any thoughts?