I am an introvert (that is also awkward and anxious). And I am HORRIBLE at interviews. Any tips?

I am currently a manager in my field. And I have been fortunate to land this position.

After 1 year at my current job, I am looking for new opportunities (hoping to land in an industry that I am passionate about).

With my experience, skills, background, and personalized resumes, I’ve never had trouble in landing interviews.

But, I blow almost every interview I have.

As an introvert (that is ALSO awkward and anxious) I have never excelled in this part of the job hunting process.

I’m great at what I do but I do a horrible job of articulating and presenting myself during interviews.

Again, I can nab an interview, and I can easily get past screening calls, and make it to the 1st or 2nd round of interviews. But I have been really lucky to make it to the final round (or be selected, like with my current role).

I feel like I am missing out on a ton of great job opportunities because of this.

I have a HUGE interview coming up for an amazing company. This isn’t the first time I was able to get an interview with a top company based off of my resume and qualifications.

Do you have any tips for me to prepare myself for next Wednesday’s interview? I get tongue tied when i try to explain myself and it never comes across in the best way as I get more anxious as the interview goes on.

I’m open to suggestions!

Great job on making it as far as you are. It means something is working. As for how to best prep for Wednesday's interview, I would recommend you record yourself answering the question, "Tell me about your experience so far." And play it back to yourself. It will sound AWFUL at first. But do it like 10 times and you can start to iron out your story.

Big things to focus on when talking about your experience:
- what you did, how you did it, and the result
- spend time on your most impactful projects.

That’s a great idea! I’ll practice by recording myself, so I can hear where I can improve my responses/story. Extremely helpful advice; I really appreciate it!

Water trick helps me a lot. If they ask a question and I need a minute, take a sip of water and think it over. Sometimes you just need to think for a second to fully flesh out your answer

Never thought of that before, but that’s a savvy trick. A good way to compose myself before the response without having an awkward pause after their questioning. Thank you for sharing that! It would definitely come in handy on Wednesday.

Yeah exactly. Sometimes you just need a second to think. Taking a sip of water helps stall for time.

Could you share more information about your experience or what you feel is tripping you up in interviews? Because, this part concerns me: "I feel like I am missing out on a ton of great job opportunities because of this."

Seems like you're awesome on paper but you're bombing in person. Any more details?

I’m not the most personable or approachable person. And I have been told I have a serious demeanor. I’ve never been good with first impressions, but of course after people get to know me I open up more and I can shatter any preconceived notions.

My facial expressions are mostly neutral (like resting b face, but worse), and I think that makes people uncomfortable.

And most importantly I have social anxiety (which I have been going to therapy/been practicing meditation). So when I sense people get uncomfortable in interviews, it makes me more uncomfortable and it just shows in my responses and body language.

So when that happens, to no surprise, I receive notification that the team moves on with another candidate.

What makes your horrible at explaining what you do? Is there anything that gets you specifically nervous?

it sounds like you have a ton of experience so you should be able to answer questions pretty easily. If you just get nervous, then practice answering those questions a few times.

Practicing will definitely help, but I’ve always been nervous for these situations and it shows.

When my nerves get to me, I tend to freeze up and then my responses are less coherent.

But you’re absolutely right, more practice will help me a ton!