I interviewed for a PR firm, when is a good time to either 1. Check back with them and 2. expect to hear something back from them. I think I did well and of all the places I have interviewed with they were my favorite.

I also recommend sending an email thank you as soon as possible after the interview or the next day. Make sure your thank you touches on something that was discussed in the conversation, while reiterating your enthusiasm and readiness for the role based on your previous work experiences. In my opinion, if there wasn't a glaring weak point in the interview and if they didn't express any concerns, you don't need to add anything in. But if they had a concern about you, or there was a low point in the interview (you'd know it!), the thank you note is the time to address it and build their confidence in you.

I think it's appropriate to follow up for feedback and briefly reiterate any key points after one week passes without hearing.

If you still don't hear back, don't sweat it yet, they might be reviewing other candidates or they might have even slowed down the hiring process (that happens a lot - things are moving quickly and then we need to slow down the hiring process because something else is happening with the company that we need to focus on that has nothing to do with the candidate!).

If it drags on for a few weeks without hearing, you might consider getting creative to reignite the conversation. Did they discuss any particular clients with you during the interview? Check Google News, see if any of the clients have had recent news activity, like product launches or feature stories or executive Q&As... it's likely the result of any articles you find are the direct work of the PR firm! This gives you an opening to follow up to congratulate them on a successful launch (be specific) and express again how much you'd like to work at the agency and support the team.

Hey Raymond,

1) After interviewing, I hope you sent a "Thank you" email that expressed your gratitude to meet with them and also touched on any of the weaker points during your interview. If you haven't done that yet, definitely include that in your check-in email.

2) I like to reach out in a week if I haven't heard back yet. I find that a few days after the interview is a bit too fast, but the interviewers might not remember you if you wait much longer than a week.

3) I've had situations where I didn't hear back fro 2 weeks on next steps because it was the summer, and many of the hiring managers were out of the office. This made it super difficult to schedule the next round of interviews. But, assuming things went well, usually hiring managers/talent management will follow up with next steps in a week.

Good luck and reply back if you need anything else!