I just received a rejection letter for a job I really wanted. I don't want to give up. What should I do?

Hi Sophia,
Sorry to hear that! Were you able to get any specific feedback about why you weren't selected? Employers won't always respond to your request for a little more info, but if you built rapport with the hiring manager or recruiter during the application or interview process, it doesn't hurt to follow up and see if they'd be willing to share more about why you weren't selected. Did you interview with the company or simply submit an application and then receive a rejection letter?

I went to their offices and interviewed with the hiring manager and two other people on the team. The only feedback I received was that for what they are looking for, they decided to move forward with other candidates. It’s a job for a marketing rotation program for new grads. I have everyone’s email address. Who should I ask? Thanks Michelle!

I think it's perfectly okay to send an email to the hiring manager or whomever you best connected with during the interview process and thank him or her again for the opportunity, and as part, ask for some specific feedback on why you weren't selected. Let them know you're seeking this feedback because you value their feedback greatly and you want to make sure you know how you can be better in the future. You can also briefly reiterate your desire for the role and that you're still available and very interested, should anything change on their side. Depending on the feedback you receive, you can assess if there's another move to make of if it's time to move on!