I'm graduating next June and thinking about going to grad school. Is it worth it?

Hey Emily,

Without some more context on what you're interested in studying and your career goals, it'll be hard to give you something specific for your situation. But, I'll give you the advice my college professor gave me: **"Grad school should never be your plan-b. It should be your plan-a."**

By that, he meant that you should never go to grad school because you think, "Oh man...I don't know what jobs are out there, and grad school is a conveniently safe option to give me something to do." Instead, you should go to grad school because you are so passionate about a specific subject and you know exactly what you want out of it.

I also walk through a few grad school scenarios in this post: http://huttle.co/posts/GRQRWTH9mFs8ZmSrT/any-thoughts-or-recommendations-on-grad-school. But if you want to dive deeper on your specific situation, just reply back!