I'm interested in Marketing/PR career, college grad help with my resume please!
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Hello, attached I have my resume, my background is in marketing and PR with a degree in communications. I've received a variety of valuable advice from several recruiters some of the advice contradict each other. I'll put down the advice I got, so please feel free to offer your feedback and what you think. I'll break it down
•Majority of recruiters have said take out summary/ objective most say its pointless so I took it out.
•Some have said take out skills, others have said experience and skills should be at the top because some use Boolean searches to look for candidates.
•My resume is at one page and a half, its split 50/50 on it should only be one page or it can be a little longer. I've been trying to figure out how to shorten to one page but can't figure it out.
• one specific comment I got was "your current resume you are forcing me to analyze rather than getting to the point."
•Any and all feedback is very much appreciated thank you!

p.s Let me know if the link works!

I'd like to thank you all for the great feed back! I finally got my resume down to one page and have been receiving a few phone calls from some PR firms, Thanks again!

Hey Raymond,

Thanks for sharing your resume! Here are my thoughts:

- 100% agree that your resume should be one page. I know it'll be tough to cut things out, but you need to be ruthless when it comes to what you share with a prospective hiring manager. They will have maybe 2 minutes to scan your entire resume to look for the things they want. If they see any fluff, you're going in the discard pile. If they can't immediately find your experience that is relevant to the job they're hiring for, you're going in the discard pile. So, really put your best foot forward on one piece of paper.

- First place to cut? You should not have a hanging bullet point like your "Communications Specialist" and "Strategic Management" skills in the Experience/Skills section. That takes up two lines.

- Also for something like "Communications specialist", could you insert that somewhere else as part of another line because right now, there isn't any experience tied to this claim so it seems like empty words.

- Consider formatting your job title and companies a bit differently. For example, use a larger font size so that a recruiter can find these things a bit better. Here's a snapshot of one of my old resumes to illustrate this point: http://i.imgur.com/gi3ZMvq.png. Notice that this formatting shows 1) where I worked 2) a bit about the company 3) what my title was.

- Consider formatting your work experience into two categories: "Relevant Work Experience" and "Other Work Experience". This would allow you to move your Sports Broadcaster and Radio Host experience to the top, which is super relevant to a job in PR and Communications, and you could move your recent server experience lower while still including it.

- Unless you're applying for a job where you'll be actively fundraising money (e.g. nonprofits), consider removing the Fundraising experience entirely to hit the 1-page maximum.

- I would remove the "languages" headline and move the "Fluent in both English and Spanish" up to your "Experience and Skills" section.

Let's start off with those edits and see if we can get things down to a page. Reply back and we can keep working on it!

Hi Raymond! Some ideas to consider. Under Work History , I suggest placing your current role in the top position (Radio Host). I also think it's your most compelling story since you founded a show and grew it to 50,000 listens. As part, I'd be interested in brief detail on what the show is about (you could add it here: "Founded, produce and edit a radio show about XXX") and move that bullet to number one slot. Here are specific suggestions for this role summary:

The Dr.Death Show, Founder & Radio Host

Location, 2011 to Current

- Founded, produce and edit a radio show about XXX.
- Grew audience to over 50,000 listens by marketing on Facebook, Twitter and website advertising.
- Source, pitch and book live on-air interviews and prepared content for broadcasting.
- Interviews to-date include sports reporters from the L.A Times , California Sports Net Central, and CBS sports NFL insiders.

Think for every role summary, a good format to consider to save space is:

Organization, Your Title

Location of Role, Timeframe

Another way to do it to get the above on one line is to align horizontally across the page:

Organization, Your Title -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location of Role, Timeframe
- XX
- XX
- XX
- XX

Feel free to post your updated resume in the body of a Huttle comment if you make edits and want further suggestions! Hope this is helpful to you!

Also I do realize there are large spaces in between each column, I'm working on fixing that I did my resume on myperfectresume.com it changes format

Another comment was "address years of experience or technical skills first" I emphasized the number of years I have in each field as you'll see. If you have a comment on that please feel free to chime in.