Hello, attached I have my resume, my background is in marketing and PR with a degree in communications. I've received a variety of valuable advice from several recruiters some of the advice contradict each other. I'll put down the advice I got, so please feel free to offer your feedback and what you think. I'll break it down
•Majority of recruiters have said take out summary/ objective most say its pointless so I took it out.
•Some have said take out skills, others have said experience and skills should be at the top because some use Boolean searches to look for candidates.
•My resume is at one page and a half, its split 50/50 on it should only be one page or it can be a little longer. I've been trying to figure out how to shorten to one page but can't figure it out.
• one specific comment I got was "your current resume you are forcing me to analyze rather than getting to the point."
•Any and all feedback is very much appreciated thank you!

p.s Let me know if the link works!