I want to work at a major social media company, like Facebook or Twitter. What are some ways to get noticed?

I'm a recent grad with a MBA, and I'm looking at marketing and product roles at companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. I've applied to a handful of entry-level positions, but I'm not getting any responses. Any pointers on how to get noticed? I can only imagine that there are hundreds of applicants for each of these roles.

Hello! I'm in recruiting @ Facebook. Unfortunately we don't hire a ton of people quite yet straight out of their MBA. I highly recommend looking into your MBA program's career center to see if they host any type of job fair so you can network & meet recruiters in person to make an impression. These entry-level roles are uber competitive and are highly sort after. If you can't get an opportunity right away at one of your dream tech companies, I would start by figuring out exactly WHAT you want to do, & considering doing that at a smaller company and then (once you have a few yrs of relevant work experience) transition to your dream tech company. That is what I did in recruiting & how I landed at Facebook.

Thanks Sarah. This is so incredibly helpful. I'm going to definitely be going to job fairs and get myself out there. I know how important having applicable job experience must be to be considered for a full-time role at Facebook - even entry level. It must be so competitive. Are there internships or networking events that Facebook hosts for recent grads?