Informational interviews: when and how to ask for one?

What are some sticking points for requesting an informational interview about a company or role that you're interested in?

I haven't had much luck with contacting recruiters on LinkedIn about recent applications of mine. I would assume reaching out to hiring personnel without pressure, and just requesting a casual informational interview would be better at learning more about the company/role and building a connection.

What are the proper steps in asking for one, and where and when can I apply this? What if I do not have a connection to the company/recruiter that I would want to reach. Would a cold message still be received well?

It rarely is worth it to schedule an informational interview with recruiters at company as they know that the intent of the informational interview is to lead to a formal interview.

Instead, invest your time finding someone who is a manager or above and works in the role you're interested in. From there, message them with a simple but quality message on LinkedIn. By simple, I mean something just a few lines about:

1) that you found them through a mutual connection (this is a helpful way to break the ice) or perhaps the same college, high school, etc.

2) if you can't do (1) be honest and say that you were looking for successful professionals in marketing (or the field you're interested in), and that you found them searching on LinkedIn.

2) that you'd like to meet up for a cup of coffee to talk about their career progress

3) give them so loose availability and hit send.

Don't make it too long, try to be personal, but I still think you want to try and do a volume play. I know you've been on the hunt for a while so getting as many leads means more opportunity down the funnel.