Internship Resume Feedback

I am applying for an internship for the first time and this is my first try at putting together a resume. Am I missing anything? Should I change anything? Any feedback would be welcome! Thank you!

I updated the resume with feedback.

Wow Carli! This is a huge improvement, and I think hiring managers can now get a sense of what you did. The next step is to provide some insight on **how** you did these things and your impact.

If we look at the three bullets in accomplishments, you've given recruiters a clearer understanding of what of what it means to be the Outreach Director, but what does "Planned networking events" really mean? How many people came? Did you use Facebook, Instagram, and direct outreach to grow the attendance?

When you led student workshops, what kind of skills did you teach them?

One piece of feedback I got from a resume coach: always list out the full name of a company before using the acronym e.g. what is PRSSA? Even better, if you can add a bit of description about what that company or organization is, it'll help the hiring manager get a etter understanding of your skills.

Feel free to make a new post and we can do round 3. We're almost there!

Hi Carli-- RIGHT ON going for a career in PR! It's challenging, fast-paced, and it can be very enriching and personally rewarding.

I agree with Chris -- he provided some awesome feedback.

One more idea would be to add more detail around what you've learned in your PR studies -- it will help the hiring manager understand the skills you have and how they relate to the PR internship. Under "Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations & Marketing" add bullet points around what you've learned to do. Have you learned how to write a press pitch? Pitch the media? Build a media list? Coordinate interviews? Draft a press release or blog post? Etc.

After you've had an internship or two, you can remove these bullet points and focus on listing the accomplishments achieved during your internship on your resume, but since you're just starting out, the hiring manager might be interested in some of the PR skills you've learned through your studies.

Hey Carli -

Thanks for posting. You actually found a bug with our upload feature so the resume came out cropped and low res. Could you edit your post and upload your resume again?

Happy to help once we can see your resume :)

Hi I fixed it.. can you view it now?


Some initial thoughts:

- On Romano's Grill, looks like you have an unnecessary slash.
- As a general rule, I like to put at least three things for anything I include on my resume. So, for Ramono's, tell us a few more things that you did. In particular, did you work with other people? Did you take on any new projects? Did you build anything of value to the company? Did you help them with PR, writing, building awareness, manage people, or do anything that might be relevant to a PR internship?
- For a resume, do your best to fill out the entire page because this is your one chance to make a first impression so give them the best self you can show.
- Since you don't have a ton of work experience, try and elaborate more on your education, clubs, and accomplishments. For example, what relevant PR classes have you taken as part of your major and how did you do? Are you a 4.0 student?
- For your accomplishments, could you explain more about what it took for you to get that accomplishment?

Take a stab at making those edits and then post again. I'm confident we can craft a good resume for your internship.

Thank you! I will adjust and repost!