As a 3rd year college student how important /significant would an internship be. What advice would you give a business major looking for experience?i would like to build my resume as well

It's pretty variable depending on what kind job you want after college. Though, in general, I'd say it's pretty important but it won't make or break your career assuming you have something else in its place. But if you don't have any job experience to put on a resume before you graduate, the you should definitely get an internship or a part time job ASAP.

Some of the most important questions a potential employer is trying to answer when looking at your resume are 1) can you work with others? 2) do you have references to back this up? 3) do they have any relevant experience to this job so that I won't have to spend a ton of time and money training this person?

What you want to do is try and answer as many of those as possible in your resume, and the more job experience have the more ways you can answer those three questions.

Also, if you need help with your resume, share it on Huttle using the steps in this post: