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Hey everybody,
I wanted some advice on how I can approach and ace my interview with  The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Authority, Enforcement Unit  as a student assistant - it/help desk support . Here's the job description of the internship position:
The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Authority, Enforcement Unit is seeking a Student Assistant to provide Help Desk support assistance for EMSA end-users to ensure that hardware and software is operational and that IT issues are resolved in a timely manner.

 The mission of the EMS Authority is to ensure quality patient care by administering an effective, statewide system of coordinated emergency medical care, injury prevention and disaster medical response. For more information visit 

 Familiarity with Content Management Systems and HTML. Ability to pay careful attention to detail. Ability to work in a professional environment. Ability to work independently and to take initiative to accomplish required tasks. Ability to work in a team environment, dealing tactfully with EMS Authority staff to accomplish required tasks. Must have exceptional organizational skills in order to meet deadlines. Assist with other tasks, as the workload demands. 

 Under the general direction of the Chief Information Officer, the Student Assistant will perform a variety of tasks for the Information Technology Unit. Such tasks are comprised of: collaborating with departmental personnel to keep program web pages up to date, maintain existing pages on the departmental website, add and delete pages, as needed, troubleshoot and debug performance issues, monitor site traffic, ensure that site and pages attached to them remain in working order, and ensure that site is user friendly and easy to navigate. Additionally, the Student Assistant will provide Help Desk support for EMSA end-users to ensure that hardware and software is operational and that IT issues are resolved in a timely manner. 

Sam Lee


Hey Sam -

I saw both of your posts so I figured I'd just answer both questions here because the tactics to use to ace an interview works regardless of where you're interviewing. With that in mind, here are a few things to remember:

Arrive on time and dress sharply: This might seem obvious, but you only get one chance to make a first impression so don't be late. In fact, arrive a few minutes early if you can just to take a minute, be friendly to the receptionist, and take a look at the office to get a feel for where you might work. On attire, make sure you're professional because it's always better to be a little over dressed than under dressed. 
Research: Spend a few hours researching the company, who you're interviewing, and the current priorities for the company. 
Adjust your answers based on research: You'll face standard questions like "tell me about your resume" or "what are your strengths". Based on your research, adjust your answers. Since you're interviewing for a data role, don't spend time talking about irrelevant clubs. Spend more time talking about projects where you analyzed data or presented data. 
Follow up: For every person you meet with, send a thank you note after the interview within 24 hours. You'd be amazed how few people do this and how much of a difference it makes. Plus, if you stumble during the interview, it'll give you a chance to give a better answer

Good luck!

+1 on the follow up. After I started my first real job, I talked with my managers who interviewed me, and one of them was actually on the fence about whether I would be a good candidate. But, the follow up email I sent had a better answer to a question I failed to answer correctly in the interview so he felt better about my fit after that.

Remember that an interview isn't just what happens when you're in the office and talking with people. Everything leading up to the interview (how you answer emails back and setup a time) and after the interview (thank you and follow up emails) all matter. 

Hey Chris,

Appreciate it the response.

Sam Lee

Thanks for this answer, David. I'm in a similar situation so these tips are great. 

Hey Sam - 

Gave you an answer in your other post:

Hey David,

Appreciate the feedback.

Sam Lee